The 5th ASAGE HR Meetings

Talent Attraction and Retention

Great Resignation’ or opportunities in Switzerland?


May 19, 2022 – Geneva, Switzerland – ASAGE held its 5th HR Meeting in Geneva on the topic of the Great Resignation, its impact in Switzerland and the opportunities it presents for companies and employees.

More than 47 million resignations were recorded in the United States in 2021 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record number that echoes deeply shifting relationships at work in the post-pandemic world. From the “Great Resignation” to the “Great Reshuffle”, the phenomenon continues to search for an appropriate name, and as it seems to evolve from the United States to Switzerland.

Organized around 3 main themes, the debates allowed to draw the trends of the Swiss market and in particular, the new expectations of the talents, their wishes of flexibility, the impacts on the modes of recruitment and the means implemented by the companies to retain and maintain the commitment of the employees.

Photo credit: Rachel Pesquet

In the opinion of our specialists, Switzerland has many assets, including an excellent quality of life, which seem to make it immune to the Great Resignation phenomenon. On the other hand, the balance of power is reversed with candidates whose profiles are considered rare, more demanding and difficult to attract, particularly in engineering and digital development functions, or for jobs that require long working hours or availability. Internal sourcing and cooptation as well as the development of their employer brand on the Internet are all strategies put in place to face this “war for talent”, with a particular emphasis on the company culture, the values lived on a daily basis and listening to employees.


In Switzerland, new trends are emerging on the talent side with, in particular, a reluctance to expatriate, which is still a key step in career development within international structures. Expectations in terms of flexibility in working methods and times are also becoming more demanding: employees are demanding a plural life that the company must facilitate.


Finally, as the vision of the hierarchy is becoming less and less pyramidal, leadership coaching to develop empathy and trusting relationships is at the heart of the action to keep employees engaged and reinforce adherence to the company project.


The event welcomed nearly seventy participants at the Auberge de la Mère Royaume, an emblematic address in the city of Geneva that houses the Société Littéraire de Genève.

We particularly welcome the personalities who came to share their experience and exchange with the participants in all transparency:

Tara Yip, Directrice des Ressources Humaines Swissquote Bank,

Sabine Henry de Monteynard, Global Talent and HR Development Director Jaeger Lecoultre

and Vincenzo Ganci, Founder, President and CEO of Ganci Partners.


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