This is an example of a single-day event that offers 4 different ticket types. Each attendee’s details and preferences will be captured at checkout. Once checkout has been completed, each attendee will receive a confirmation/ticket email as well as a PDF ticket. Attendee registration can then be managed at the event using the FooEvents Check-ins apps.

For detailed instructions on how to set up a standard event such as this, follow this Use Case Tutorial.

This example uses a code snippet to replace the standard WooCommerce variations form with a variations table. This is suitable for both Single and Multi-day events that use WooCommerce variations. The variations table code snippet is not compatible with the FooEvents Seating and FooEvents Bookings product page selectors.

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Event Details

Date: juin 01, 2023

Start time: 13:00

Email: info@web-romandie.ch

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