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Message from the President

Dear Alumni,

The last 2 years have been a unique experience, both individually and collectively, and as often in complicated times we will all have learned from these moments which will undoubtedly make us stronger.

Despite this context, the 2021 vintage, even if “condensed” into 6 months, will have been very rich with successively the superb Golf / Multisport event & celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Asage last June, the return to school in September marked by the 2nd part “networking” of the “virtual” HR event in March, shortly followed by the inspiring sharing of the different lives of David Douillet, then the visit of the superb factory of our sponsor Frederique Constant in November and ended with the 12th edition negotiation workshops led by Giuseppe Conti.

2022 promises to be even more ambitious with a new theme “at the heart of the company” which will introduce us each year to a sector of activity with its challenges and prospects: the first event will be in the new Tesla branch on February 4 next with a debate around the reinvention of mobility 2.0. New HR themes, new exceptional places, new inspiring personalities, a 13th Golf / Multisport challenge will also be on the program as well as a “5 senses” surprise expected at the end of the year.

With a renewed and expanded Communication team, we will also launch the modernization of our communication tools, starting with our website, and will offer a new “Services” activity which will complement our historical “events” offer.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again in 2022, it is time to wish you an excellent holiday season.


Stéphane Lury, president of ASAGE.




“More than an association”.

The ASAGE for “Swiss Association of Friends of the Grandes Ecoles” has the mission of offering added value to the Alumni Associations of the best Swiss, European and International universities and colleges by organizing and sharing in a friendly atmosphere original events by the excellence of the speakers, the prestige of the places and/or the interactivity of the programme, while contributing to local, economic, social, cultural or sporting development.

ASAGE is made up exclusively of volunteer members who seek to be more than the sum of the 22 Alumni associations that make it up: a team that makes it possible to carry out high quality events that no individual association could achieve. only.

In line with its Swiss origins, ASAGE functions as a federal body to help develop powerful alumni associations and does not intend to replace them. This is why most of the communication and organization is done through each member association.

In a very concrete way, our vision of success includes the organization of 4 to 6 major annual events, covering a wide spectrum of interests for our Alumni:

  • A Negotiation seminar which allows the development of skills on a specific angle of negotiation each year through interactive role plays.
  • A Career event that connects our Alumni with prominent figures in the French-speaking economy, around a theme of reflection, “search for meaning and business” in 2019.
  • A Golf trophy that allows experienced players and beginners to mix in a fun and friendly atmosphere, punctuated by a gala dinner.
  • The discovery of prestigious places open exclusively to our Alumni.
  • Exceptional speakers on various but always fascinating subjects.
  • An annual trip combining pleasure and discovery.

Thank you to all those who actively or occasionally participate in this great adventure, about which you will find more details on this site.

Stéphane Lury, President of ASAGE

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ASAGE federates alumni associations from schools and universities.

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